CFOs Replaced … continued

Following up on my recent blog post on CFOs being replaceable, I expanded my comments in this month’s column in the Futures in Finance newsletter.

Are You Replaceable

You can read the entire article online, but here are a couple of questions I posed as you – the CFO candidate – engage in a some of your own thought exercises …

— What am I really contributing at this moment in this position in this company?

—  What are my core strengths?

— What do I love doing, want to be doing more of, and have a track record of success doing?

— Who (specific companies) needs what I bring to the table?

— How can I get visible to those folks who need to know about me?

Now, while you are gainfully employed, contributing to an organization in a very meaningful and measurable way, and not contemplating a move is the perfect time to engage in your own “thought exercise” … because ultimately, you are quite replaceable.

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