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My annual Career Thought Leaders’ conference was held last week, and as the name implies the leading-edge conference went virtual this year. A first in our industry.

Social Media Stats & Trends
Social Media Stats & Trends

The speakers bridged the virtual gap, bringing new insights to the global audience. Take, for example, Joshua Waldman who spoke on, among other things, some of the latest social media trends. Most interesting to me, and hopefully to you, were a few of the statistics he cited.

According to JobVite …

One in 6 job seekers found their position through social media. Conversely, 92% of their surveyed recruiters stated they used Linkedin to find candidates. 

Interesting discrepancy in those numbers. If I was a Chief Financial Officer or other senior-level executive, I would definitely be paying attention to the latter statistic.

Bullhorn Reach, a recruiter research group, found …

Eighty percent (80%) of their recruiters used Linkedin -and- 80% of the 147M Linkedin members are decision-makers. 

The term “decision-makers” is up for interpretation; however, the former 80% stat should lend plenty of credence to the value of being visible on Linkedin.

And finally, and quite importantly, says …

While 80% of the people they surveyed Google themselves and other people, only 47% liked what they saw about themselves. 

What does Google tell the world about you? If it’s the only message the world gets, it matters. And NO message is definitely A message.

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