Key Words for CFOs


Sorry. There isn’t a list. And there isn’t a list because “key words” are specific to the position and the industry.

However, a question on Proformative asking for the top 5 resume key words recruiters are searching for brought to mind two important points.

Key Word Searches = Posted Position Game

Unless you are talking about key words as they relate to your Linkedin profile, the very question infers a candidate is playing the posted position game. The question also probably implies the candidate would like to be all things to all people in order to have the greatest appeal.

In both cases, the strategy is flawed. It is far better to differentiate yourself, stand out from the competition, be positioned from your strengths and record of contributions … and, to move away from the posted positions and their seductive allure.

Plan Ahead – Be More Visible

The most effective career management (and job search) strategy begins well in advance of wanting to or needing to make a move. And it begins by raising your visibility.

CFO Search Consultant Samuel Dergel responded to the above question with this …

“When I am looking for you, I know where to find you. The more visible and relevant you are, the sooner you will get on my call list.”

The best time to begin your visibility campaign is when you don’t need a new job. It boosts your visibility while raising the credibility of the organization for whom you work.

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