Secrets for Winning the Packaging & Positioning Game

If you’re hoping the posted position game will generate your next great opportunity, it is time for a reality check.

– Very few CFO positions are ever posted.

– When they are posted, they are usually the bottom-of-the-barrel opportunities.

– Every desperate CFO is vying for those rare posted positions.

– The middle man (HR) is ready and willing to eliminate you from consideration.

So how can you win the packaging and positioning game and score that next great opportunity? It’s time to push yourself away from the job board sites and begin thinking about “Product You” just as your marketing team strategizes on marketing your company, product, and/or service. Be …

  • Branded
  • Different
  • Visible

Read the entire article in the December issue of CFO Studio.

Stand out from the crowd!
Stand out from the crowd!

Today’s strategies for winning new opportunities aren’t rocket science, but they are different. And it is even more difficult to win the new game if you don’t know the new rules.

A “pull strategy” (attraction) will work infinitely better than a “push strategy” (sending your resume out to every posted position) when you clearly market something a company both needs and wants … the ability to solve problems. And, when you are gainfully employed and thereby, highly-valued as a passive-and-worthy-of-being-poached candidate.

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