I always enjoy reading the FENG (Financial Executives Networking Group) newsletter Matt Bud sends out several times a week. If you are a financial executive or CFO and you aren’t a member of FENG and receiving the newsletter, I do recommend it.

Matt’s dry wit and sharp insight routinely deliver what I call “Mattisms.” Those little tidbits of truth – often prickly – that pack a big punch.

In a recent newsletter, Matt uttered this little gem …

I call them work opportunities instead of jobs, because they don’t generally last long enough these days to be dignified with that “job” label. 

Ouch! Tenure so short it doesn’t even qualify to be labeled a job? If it weren’t true, perhaps the comment would only be worthy of laughter. However, among S&P 500 and Fortune companies, the average tenure is 5.1 years. That means, change is coming.

And, Matt has provided yet another tidbit of wisdom around “change” …

“I’m not sure why human beings resist change. It is truly the only constant in our world.”

And a bit of my own … perhaps facts more than wisdom …

— You will change jobs at some point in time. Statistics bear out that statement.

— If in the course of a move, you wait until you need a job rather than preparing well in advance of deciding to make a move, change will be infinitely more difficult.

— If you are in a job search and not getting the results you want, but continue doing what you’ve been doing rather than changing your strategy, you will likely keep getting what you’ve been getting.

Bottom line: Today’s “work opportunities” necessitate embracing “change.”

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