The Non-apologetic Apology

I honestly didn’t think the “Adam Smith brand” could sink any lower than it was following his verbal attack of a Chick-fil-A employee and subsequent firing. I guess I was wrong. Apparently, his arrogance knows no bounds.

Smith recently posted his “apology” video, which is really much more of an “all about me and why I did what I did” video. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes, but rarely do we. Smith certainly hasn’t.

Watch – if you can – round 2 of his non-apologetic apology video antics.

He might have done himself SOME good if he had been contrite, actually apologized, and then stopped. But I guess he just can’t help himself … it’s core to who he is and therefore an overwhelming part of his brand.

The definition of “apology” is “regretful acknowledgment of an offense.” I fail to see how the word “regretful” is evident in this shameless, defensive, and poorly-thought-out” move which merely attempts to rationalize his very bad behavior.

This CFO sorely needs a career coach … and he needs to take the coach’s advice if he ever expects to salvage his career.

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