Career Business Plan for CFOs

Life is good. You’ve got a beautiful corner office with a great view. Sure the job is 60-80 hours a week and the Board and CEO are constantly breathing down your neck … but you’ve got a job and the company needs you. Right?

Or, maybe it’s time for a reality check.

— Corporate loyalty is dead unless you are delivering, and even then it’s not necessarily a slam dunk.

— If you’re not driving your career, you’ve given over control of your career to a Board, PE firm, or investors.

— The CEO will likely watch out for himself and his position over your ethical stand.

— CFO positions are limited, and competition for those positions is fierce.

— MOST senior finance executive positions come through referrals.

Make a plan ... then execute!
Make a plan … then execute!

My point? Don’t fall under the illusion that your position is safe … no matter how things look today. Every Finance Executive should have an ongoing career management strategy similar to the 3-5-year business plan he executes for his company.

Read the balance of the article and my suggestions for formulating a solid Career Business Plan in the August issue of Futures in Finance.

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