CFO Success & Lessons Learned

It absolutely makes my day when clients call me with their success stories. It’s actually why I do what I do. The money pays the bills, but helping my Finance Chief clients navigate the new job search economy to achieve their desired outcome is, for me, priceless!

And so, the conversation with Sarah (not her real name) Tuesday morning set the tone for my entire day. And, it offers a few great career management lessons for my readers.

1. When you are employed but too busy to conduct a full-fledged campaign, don’t forget Linkedin!

Sarah has been super-busy in her job for months. Having made the decision, and the commitment, to guide the organization to reach its next objective before jumping back into a more proactive job search, she decided to ramp up her visibility on Linkedin and let passive positioning work its magic.

Not only did a company who interviewed her last year resurface, but so did 3 other opportunities.

2. Value positioning drives the salary conversation.

The company who interviewed her a year ago ultimately decided to go a different direction. It, however, knew her value and so with increased visibility on Linkedin and now, ready for her talents, she was approached again.

They made her an offer, which she rejected, and within two hours called with a full package that will make her – the CFO – the highest paid executive in the company.

3. Branded visibility brings the next “right” great fit, not just the next job.

Stand out from the crowd!
Stand out from the crowd!

It’s nice to have choices that allow a candidate to select the “right” move rather than just “a” move. When a strong brand precedes you, it attracts those opportunities that are a great fit … for your skill set and for culture fit. Stand strong for “something” so you aren’t falling for just the next “anything.”


I’m thrilled for my client and she … is floating on Cloud 9!

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