Google Posts the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

My Google alert on “CFOs” one morning last week was filled with extremes. On one hand, the good …

New Lufthansa CFO is Airline’s First Woman Exec Board Member

and the ugly …

Convicted former CFO seeks $60M from Tyco
Tyco CFO Feels Entitled

And then, there’s this. Depending on your perspective it might be good or it might be bad, but I’m guessing for many Chief Financial Officers it’s uncomfortable …

Facebook CFO David Ebersman Rocks Out!

And the article says “he [Ebersman] keeps a low profile!

Does social media drive your messaging?
Does social media drive your messaging?

And this …

We Just Found Someone Who Knew Facebook’s CFO Ebersman When He Was in High School

And my point?

You can be well-branded and drive the messaging or your messaging can be blown and tossed by the whim of a search engine … good, bad, and yes … even ugly.

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