A Flawed CFO Social Media Strategy

Google is on fire with the headlines about the public company CFO who used Facebook and Twitter to complain about his job. Seriously?

Flawed CFO Social Media Strategy
Flawed CFO Social Media Strategy

Obviously this Finance Chief hasn’t read any of my blog posts on the subject nor the excellent recent post by Jeff Ishamel.

Barrett Peterson (@CFOBP) asked me this: How does an individual with that level of judgement become a CFO? Clearly old enough to know better. These headlines just might scare Finance Executives all the way back into the 19th Century.

There are ways Chief Financial Officers CAN use social media to …

— further positioning as a subject matter expert;
— talk about passions and interests around a particular subject; and
— drive brand differentiation

… WITHOUT defaulting to complaining about their company or job or violating corporate confidentiality.

Finance Executives can also choose NOT to Facebook, tweet, or blog … but please don’t pass on having a branded and compelling digital footprint on Linkedin. If you don’t know how, email me … we can effectively navigate the sticky wicket together.

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2 thoughts on “A Flawed CFO Social Media Strategy”

  1. Cindy,

    I would be curious to know who you think the CFOs are that are the best and most appropriate with their social media efforts. I had a list of CFOs on Twitter several years ago, but a good part of them aren’t active there any more. I’d love to see what others are doing…

    Thanks, and, as always, a great and timely post!

    Ken K.


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