The Job Search is Really a Career Journey

As a political junkie (which is about 10th in my list of passionate interests), I couldn’t help but be drawn in by this article by Dorie Clark. The comparisons he makes of the job search to a permanent political campaign are quite fascinating. And, legitimate!

For the savvy Finance Chief, the job search has been replaced by an ongoing, permanent campaign. It’s a journey with a series of stops (roles), rather than a destination (at least until you’re ready to retire).

In the age of social media, where every important moment can be captured … and spread like wildfire … it is critically important to make sure your moments are visible, authentic, and consistent.

I’ve always preached that if you’re invisible, you don’t exist. But this article takes it a step further and says “if you’re invisible, you’re probably a fraud.” And then he backs up that statement …

One firm I consulted for almost didn’t hire a a qualified senior executive because — lacking almost any online presence — they strongly suspected he had fabricated his background. He hadn’t, but the elaborate process of verifying his story nearly cost him the job.

I said this yesterday, but it is worth repeating.

Don’t make your next move even tougher by waiting until you lose your current job to begin thinking about your next job. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

And I’ll add this to yesterday’s statement … make sure you’re  authentically visible to the people who need to know about you!

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