Only “Sitting” CFOs Need Apply!

I had a call from a recruiter who places CFOs today. As you might expect, he was looking for a particular type of CFO with specific industry experience. And a CPA. It’s a mid-six-figure salary. And … any referral candidates must be sitting CFOs!

Sitting. Employed. Passive. Desirable.

The candidate pool would likely be much larger if he was looking at unemployed prospects. But he isn’t. And that is probably a part of the specs he received from the client company.

— Rarely will a company look at hiring a recruiter to find those candidates who are easily found in all the public job boards.

— Rarely is a really good CFO position advertised, particularly with any kind of identifiable information included.

— Rarely is a recruiter going to find qualified and quality CFO candidates on job boards.

— Rarely is securing any executive finance position a cakewalk.

The job market is tough. Don’t make it even tougher by waiting until you lose your current job to begin thinking about your next job.

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2 Responses to Only “Sitting” CFOs Need Apply!

  1. Joel Ungar says:

    Tremendous final paragraph Cindy. (The rest of the post was good too.)

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