Happiness: Your CFO Title or Something Else?

Who didn’t read the inspiring story of Bubba Watson and notice three things:

— His humility;

— Golf isn’t #1 in his life, although he’s a total winner at golf having won the Master’s on April 8th; and

— His joy in life isn’t rooted in winning at his job. He knows there is more to life than his job, and even winning at his job.

At the end of his blog post, Scott Eblin asked a question that caused me to pause and ponder …

“What do you have in your life that makes you happy when you don’t win?”

What about you? Have you given thought to what you have in your life that makes you happy when you don’t win at your job? As in,

  • You lose your job?
  • Or, lose fulfillment in your job?
  • Or, do battle with the CEO / Board every single day?
  • Or, take a job to pay the bills that is beneath your skill set, ability, and pay?
  • Or, remain unemployed longer than you ever thought possible?

What happens then?

Life's curve balls
Life's curve balls

Executives at the C-level can really struggle with separating their identity from their job title. When “job title” is gone or changed, the struggle only intensifies.

Waxing somewhat philosophical on this Monday morning but, I’d love to hear .. when life, and specifically your career, is throwing you curve balls, where do you find happiness -and- the motivation is get up and do it all over again the next day?


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6 thoughts on “Happiness: Your CFO Title or Something Else?”

  1. This post was particularly timely for me. Mentoring, volunteering and parenting are ways in which my skills or insights will get passed on. Each new frustration ultimately brings new insights, which can also get passed on. Passing it on is title agnostic, and something that no one can ever take from you.

    • It is those intangible contributions that often prove to be the most valuable! Thanks for reading and for posting, John.

  2. Cindy,

    Great post this morning! For me, my happiness comes from my family. My wife, my children, my parents, siblings, and in-laws. They always keep me on center and balanced, and they could care less what I do professionally!

    Ken K.

  3. Very timely post for me. Family is first and foremost. In fact, I passed up a job that paid more and would have been more rewarding professionally so that I could be closer to my kids. I am at a job that may be beneath my skill level, but if the kids have a school event, I’m the first one to sign up. When my days are up here on earth, I will never say that I wish I would have succeeded more at work. I will feel peace only if I succeeded as a mother.
    It is hard to feel less valuable at work and like my skills aren’t being utilized, but when I go home at 5, seeing my smiling sweeties is all the reward I need. And, making enough to keep us comfortable in life is all that matters with my job!



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