5 Good Reasons to NOT be on Linked In!

Facetiously speaking, of course!

Ginny Schlosser, a Senior Finance Leader and Human Capital Strategist, contributed this job search tip to last night’s FENG newsletter, and with her permission, I’m re-posting her comment and her reasons …

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I couldn’t agree with you more about establishing a LinkedIn profile.  I can’t believe it when a FENG member calls or emails me about something, then when I try to look them up in LinkedIn, either they’re not there or they’re there with no picture, no experience, and fewer than 10 connections.  REALLY?????

So, with tongue-in-cheek, I offer up these Five Good Reasons Not to be on Linked In:

1) You’re independently wealthy, and you don’t need or want to work in the finance profession any longer

2) You receive daily calls from headhunters about great jobs (decisions, decisions)

3) Your mom isn’t in Linked In, so why should you be?

4) You’ve already built a first-class website (which sings your praises) that appears at the top of every search engine’s listing of your name

5) You’re too busy networking with decision-makers at great companies

6) [Bonus Reason] You don’t believe Linked In is worth more than $5 a share, and you’re protesting the market value of approximately $100 a share

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So if you’re not on Linked In, what’s your reasoning … tongue-in-cheek or otherwise?

Ginny Schlosser can be reached via email or through her website or Linked In profile.

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6 thoughts on “5 Good Reasons to NOT be on Linked In!”

  1. Hahaha :-) I loved it.

    Working as an online marketing advisor I face the same issues every day on a different level. Clients keep asking me why their company should be present in LinkedIn and other social media portals…Should develop something similar for my presentations for B2B :-)

    • Thanks Zo! I see lots of ways to use this concept in marketing presentations! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting.


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