Top Talent is Ready to Move!

Are recruiters calling you?

According to Michael Vangel, VP of Talent Acquisition Strategy for TMP Worldwide, “stealth candidates are ready to tango!” 

There is a silent but very hungry giant out there. A groundswell of employees who have quietly suffered to get through this recession and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. Top (and near top) performers are desperately waiting for your call. Today, they are far more confident that economy is stable enough now to truly consider alternative options.

I agree with him … and I’d take his belief a step further. Top talent is ALWAYS in demand. When the job market is hopping, companies need great CFOs. When the job market is completely stagnant, companies need great CFOs.

So, let’s assume you are a GREAT Finance Chief. Are you being courted by recruiters for the kinds of positions that are a great fit for your level and skill set? If you’re a top-notch passive candidate, you should definitely be getting calls from recruiters who have some of those coveted finance positions.

I previously cited a recent Execunet study, 52% of executives are considering a change of scenery. That means, competition is only going to increase among the best-of-the-best. And today, companies are only interested in hiring the “best-of-the-best.”

What can you do today to ensure you are viewed by recruiters as a “stealth candidate who is ready to tango?”

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1 thought on “Top Talent is Ready to Move!”

  1. What can a CFO do?

    1) They need to be findable.

    People in Executive Search are mandated to find, attract and ultimately retain the most appropriate candidates that their client is looking for.

    2) They need to be networked.

    The smartest CFOs are pro-active and not only make themselves visible and findable to recruiters and future employers, but are actively networking while employed.

    Unfortunately Cindy, these networked CFOs are a small minority. Most CFOs act as if networking is only necessary when out of a job and looking for their next. These CFOs find themselves unemployed for periods of time, while the smarter, networked CFO spends hardly any time at all between jobs.

    Just the facts Ma’am.

    Samuel Dergel
    Director, Executive Search
    Stanton Chase International


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