Whose Responsibility Is It?

I posed this question in a previous post

Who is responsible for ensuring that recruiters can make an assessment based on a crystal clear value proposition and fit for culture?

Based on the recent post at CFO.com on Linsanity, I’d like to rephrase my question …

Who is responsible for ensuring that a CFO candidate has a crystal clear value proposition and that fit-for-culture is evident in his messaging?

My first question originated because in a survey about recruiters, many CFOs complained that they were not getting calls for opportunities that were on par with their skill sets. My question is re-worded because the writer of the Linsanity article points out that companies seem to have tunnel vision when hiring … taking on the “I want it (the candidate requirements) my way or the highway” approach.

While I agree that is true for many companies, I still go back to my rephrased question and offer this analogy. If you are reading a book and the writer is all over the map, the message is muddy or confusing, or the plot is enigmatic … is it the fault of the writer or the reader? Do you continue to muddle through the story, totally frustrated, or close the book and move on to something that is clear and compelling?

If you want to sit in the driver’s seat of your career, then it is incumbent upon you – as the candidate – to have a clear and compelling message that is delivered clearly to the right audience.

I’m working on an article that delves deeper into the powerful strategy of telling the right story to the right audience. It will be available on the C-Suite Career Catalysts site in the next week. Watch for it!

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