The Influencing CFO

It truly is a great time to be a Chief Financial Officer. Sure, the pressure is great, but so is the influence. Here’s a quote from “CFO Influence on the Rise” from

“ … finance chiefs say their positions were enhanced by the turmoil of the economic downturn, as everyone from the CEO to junior staffers looked to finance for guidance on how to cope with volatility on both the micro and macro levels.”

Great right? You’re an influential guy, at least inside your company. But what about outside your company? You might be the most effective CFO the company has ever hired, but unless you plan to be a lifelong employee of that company – and it plans on keeping you forever – your influence needs to be noticed outside of the organization as well.

As we begin the new year, there will never be a better time to create a career survival plan and begin executing that plan to raise your visibility among your target audience.  Here are two suggestions …

Create a Linked In strategy. If you don’t have a profile, launch one. If your profile is bland and boring -or- incomplete, fix it. If you built it but no one is coming, today is a great day to revive it.

Commit to making networking a lifelong habit. For many CFOs, networking is not natural and/or very uncomfortable; and therefore, easy to ignore, postpone, or cancel. Resolve to begin today to taking those small, critically-important first steps towards raising – and maintaining – your visibility among the people who need to know about your effective influence.

Ensure your 2012 is indeed your best year ever by proactively managing your career! Happy New Year!

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