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My friend and colleague CFO Search Expert Samuel Dergel provided his insights around CFOs using Linked In in his blog yesterday. You do read his blog right? Because he provides some great insights!

While Samuel is looking through the lens of hiring, here’s my perspective on a few of his comments, based on what I’m seeing, and hearing from, my clients …

Our own research shows that LinkedIn is not as great a source for CFO candidates as people think.”

Technically, I agree with Samuel’s observation because of the next two statements. However, 90+ percent of my CFO clients tell me they get solid recruiter contacts offering great opportunities through their Linked In profiles.

It may not be “as great” a source for CFO candidates, but for those CFOs who have compelling, branded profiles and who work to maintain their subject matter positioning, it is generating a substantial ROI.

“Look at the blog and you will notice that not all CFOs are on LinkedIn.”

True that … and those who aren’t are missing out on the opportunity to leverage great passive positioning and visibility.

Conversely, there are almost 600 Chief Financial Officers (alright 598 at the time of writing) in the CFO Careers forum. All CFOs. These social media savvy CFOs have a huge advantage over their less visible counterparts … IF … they have a well-written, compelling, complete profile. (Yes, it takes all three.)

— “You will notice that of those CFOs that are on LinkedIn, a good number of them have weak or ineffective profiles, with few connections”

Yes, this is definitely a problem. And not just for Finance Executives. How your profile is written speaks volumes. What it says will either benefit your positioning or seriously injure your positioning.

Even if the first contact doesn’t come through Linked In, chances are good that you will be Googled. A branded profile, an incomplete profile, a poorly-written profile, or no profile will all be factored in to the results of that Google search.

In this tough, competitive, and volatile market, a well-branded profile on Linked In is a smart career management strategy.

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