Don’t Let Your Smartphone Make You Look … Not Smart!

Do you know anyone (except maybe your 2-year old) who doesn’t have a smartphone? Business or personal doesn’t matter … our world is hurtling toward mobile digital gadgets. Apparently, “designer branded smartphones” are the next big thing. Probably not for me … but I digress.

Since I work on a computer almost non-stop, my keyboarding skills are pretty strong. Put me on my iPhone keyboard and I feel like I’m back in typing 101 in junior high school. My fingers intuitively know where the keys are, but I can’t tell you where any of the letters are on the keyboard. Since the iPhone is really “thumbing” rather than “keyboarding,” I’ve sent a few emails and text messages that have made me look … not too smart!

I’ve learned a few lessons, important lessons, that might help you keep your CFO brand intact.

Turn off the auto-correct.

Many, MANY, an embarrassing text / email has resulted from the wizardry of intuitive thinking on smartphones. In fact, there’s an entire website devoted to auto-correct blunders. Google it … many are x-rated which just adds to the embarrassment!

My recommendation is that unless you are an incredibly horrible speller or a phenomenally terrible proof-reader, that you turn off auto-correct. In the grand scheme of things, it will ensure that your smartphone isn’t doing the thinking for you.

Which brings me to point #2.

Proof BEFORE you hit send. 

Whether you use auto-correct or not, proofread before you send. Once you’ve hit send, it’s too late. There are no recalls on smartphones! And the follow-up text or email that corrects words in the previous text or email only further serves to point out your serious blunder.

Brand your email signature.

The standard signature on a smartphone email is “sent from my iPhone” or “sent from my Blackberry.” What a missed opportunity. While you don’t necessarily need the same full-blown email signature line from your regular email account, there are a few really important pieces of information you should include.

Branded tag line
Email Address
Phone Number

And my own personal pet peeve …

Text talk in emails. Please don’t. 

U R not going 2 impress some1 this way.

Text talk is for texting and tweeting, and only texting or tweeting. It is not a professional way to communicate in emails … unless and only if, you are emailing close friends and family. If the recipient of your email isn’t as “text savvy” as you are, the message might be totally lost in the translation.  Sadly, it’s an easy habit to get into and one which is difficult to break.

Unless being a “text king” is part of your brand, spell it out.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Smartphone Make You Look … Not Smart!”

  1. Cindy,

    For years, I hated texting and the phones I used made it an amazingly arduous process. However, that all changed when I got an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy 4S) which had a Swype feature, meaning I no longer had to touch-type texts on a tiny makeshift keyboard. I just had to glide my fingers along the surface and the auto-correct feature actually gives you one of four options so you can’t risk typing something risque by mistake. I gotta hand it to Droid, they singlehandedly made texting fun to do, that is if you’re familiar with the formation of the QWERTY keyboard. For me, the Swype feature makes your texts look smart and professional all the time, everytime. And with no need or excuse to use textspeak either.

    Great article!

    Jason M. Jones

    • Thanks Jason! That sounds like a great feature on the Droid. Not enough to make me give up my iPhone though!

      Thanks for reading and for commenting, Jason!


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