CPA/MBA CFOs are the creme de la creme!

Or, as Donald Kilinski, global CFO practice leader at DHR International suggests in a recent article in CFO.coma CPA who then gets an MBA is the “cat’s meow”.

This should be old news to my regular readers. Back in April of 2009, I was the keynote speaker at the Prophix User conference. I told the audience that CFOs who held both a CPA and MBA and had operational experience were the most in-demand candidates.

On November 2, 2009, I penned an article on CFOs as CEOs and said this …

I believe the opportunity arose about the time that CFOs began making the transition from bean counter to strategic leader with a seat at the executive table. The role of those CFOs at the table is understanding and predicting financial trends in key decision-making. CFOs who also bring an operational background (particularly when they also hold a CPA and MBA) are the hottest CFO prospects today.

Kilinksi continues his comment with …

Such a person [CPA/MBA] gets grounded in the discipline needed to implement and monitor financial controls, policies, and procedures, and then adds the ability to advise on “grayer” areas such as what projects should be funded; whether something should be acquired, built, or bought; and whether products or services should be extended or eliminated.

My advice … if you’re a CPA with the CFO role as a goal or you’re a relatively young CFO, consider getting your MBA (from a top-rated school is even better) and work consistently and constantly to raise your branded visibility! Why? Stay tuned for my next post.

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  1. Getting your MBA is great advice. Right now while the economy is on the bad side getting as much education will just put a person that much more ahead when things turn around. Great advice.


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