Recruiter Relationships – Build them before you need them!

Another guest post by CFO Search expert Samuel Dergel.

Build your recruiter relationships BEFORE you need them.

In my previous guest blog for Cindy How to Find the Best Recruiter for Your Needs, I brought up (among other points) how important it is to build relationships with recruiters.

For recruiter relationships to be most effective, you need to build relationships with key recruiters BEFORE you need them.

Here is why:

  1. Top of mind – If recruiters know you and respect you, you will be top of mind for them as they develop business opportunities. You WANT them to think of you when they are developing business, because this can allow you to get first pick of the opportunities that are most suited to you.
  2. Market pulse – The question most often asked to me by a CFO in a casual conversation has been: “How’s the market?” Having the pulse of the market can allow you to consider when you should be going to market.
  3. Feedback – Is your resume appropriate? Do you interview well? Are your salary expectations out to lunch? Building a relationship with a good recruiter before you’re ready to move will make you better prepared once you are ready to move.

Here is how:

  1. Referrals – by allowing good recruiters to tap into your network, you are becoming a conduit for positive change for the people in your network. The recruiter will remember that you provided him or her with solid contacts that satisfied their client. Recruiters don’t forget gold.
  2. Hiring them – if you have built a solid relationship with a recruiter and believe in their integrity and ability, you should call them when you need to hire for yourself. Recruiters need candidates as well as clients to be successful and profitable. Help them make money.
  3. Respect – to get respect, you need to give respect. When you are not looking for a job, return their phone call anyway. One day you will be in the position of making the phone call – and you will want it returned promptly as well.

Recruiter relationships that you build BEFORE you need them should be strategic. I am not advocating that you give every recruiter the same first class treatment. You should identify the best recruiters that service your local market, industry or segment (like CFOs).

Choose the best recruiters. Treat them like gold BEFORE you need them.

You will be thankful you did.

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