Branding Speaks to Culture Fit

My clients know that I believe authentic branding speaks directly to culture fit. And prospects who talk with me will hear me say …

When you’ve made it to the top 3 candidate list, your ability to do the job is a given. That means, there are only two remaining questions … are you a fit with their culture and do they like you. When you are well-branded, the culture fit question has also already been answered. Likability is the only remaining issue.

Recently, CFO World ran an article entitled “Why CEOs Prefer Old-Fashioned Networking When Hiring,” and Robert Zecca, former president and CEO of Content Data Solutions provides a great perspective …

“I have three criteria which I use in hiring: they must be able to perform the job, their goals must align with the company’s goals, and they must fit into our culture,” he says. “By utilizing our networks, we find that the latter two requirements align and my job becomes a little easier.”

So I have two questions …

Are you well-branded? While it is more work at the front-end of the career management process, it makes finding (and attracting) the right opportunities that are a great fit with your skill set, values, passions, and interests much easier.

Are you networked and visible? If you aren’t, you might be missing out on great opportunities. If you are well-networked and visible but you aren’t attracting the right opportunities, see the first question.

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