The CFO-Recruiter Love-Hate Relationship

Does it feel like working with recruiters is great when things are good (i.e., they’re accessible, responsive, communicative) and horrible when they’re not (the only noise you hear are crickets)?

Are recruiters cozying up to you when you’re the decision-maker with the authority to sign that nice, big commission check … and then MIA when you’re in the hunt for your next opportunity?

In a survey a few months ago with my C-suite colleagues, 12% of the responding senior executives indicated recruiters were a very effective strategy and 35% effective … with almost identical numbers on the ineffective side: 42% somewhat and 12% not at all effective.

CFO recruiter Samuel Dergel and I have been discussing this love-hate relationship over the past several months and we are eager to hear specifically from Chief Finance Executives and Senior Finance Leaders on what bugs you most about working with recruiters.

Are recruiters a necessary evil in the C-suite? What’s your biggest beef in the recruiter relationship saga? Please add your voice to our one question survey … and watch for our blog posts – and more – as we address your biggest CFO recruiter beefs.

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