How to Find the Best Recruiter for Your Needs

A follow-up guest post by CFO search expert Samuel Dergel

In my last guest blog for Cindy (CFOs and Recruiters: Beefs and Beef) I reviewed the 5 categories of complaints that CFOs had with recruiters.

So, how do you find the best recruiter for your needs?

To get respect, give respect

As CFO, you get paid by adding value to your employer by supporting the business from a financial perspective. A recruiter earns his living by making placements.

For the recruiter to make a placement, they need clients and candidates. You may be a candidate, and a valuable one, but you will not be valuable to a recruiter if they cannot place you.

For a recruiter, each relationship they build is with future candidates or clients (or both). If you are not a valuable potential placement, or not a valuable potential client, it will be difficult for the recruiter to pay you the attention you want.

Realize that if you want a recruiter to pay you attention when it’s time for you to be a candidate, treat the recruiter with respect when he is looking for clients and referrals to other candidates.

Ask good questions

When a recruiter speaks to you about an opportunity, it is important to know the following information:

— How long has the company been looking?
— Why is the company looking?
— Are you working on this search exclusively?
— What is their ideal candidate for the job?
— Could you please explain the recruitment process and what I should expect?

Ask for referrals

As CFO, if you have been out of the recruitment process for a while, ask your fellow CFOs who they recommend you should speak with. Most recruiters will treat a referred candidate with more attention at the beginning of a process.

Focus on those who are in your space (functional or geographic)

You should be speaking with recruiters who specialize in either your space (CFOs) or your local area. If you speak with those that do not specialize in what you do or where you live, you are wasting your time – because they will not have mandates which could be appropriate for you. Don’t waste your time.

Build relationships

A relationship with a recruiter is not a one-way relationship. When you find a good recruiter, it is important for you to nurture and develop that relationship. One of the best ways you can build a relationship is to refer good candidates as well as referring them to potential hiring opportunities. Recruiters remember the people that help them earn their living and put them at the top of their pile.

There are many good recruiters out there that can help you. Following these five steps will allow you to make the best out of your relationship with recruiters.

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