Make a Lasting Impression by Being First … or Last!

In many things, including interviewing, there is a principle called the “first and last bias.” Have you heard of it?

As humans, we tend to weigh more heavily the information given at the beginning and the end of presentations. That’s great counsel if you do presentations. But it is also important in interviewing.

First, scheduling the interview.

If at all possible, you want to be interviewed first or last in order to take advantage of the first and last bias principle. If you’re first, you have the opportunity to set the standard or bar for everyone following you. If you’re last, you have the chance to wipe out the memory of the candidates who preceded you.

Of course, what you do post-interview is equally important.

Second, navigating the interview.

The immediate impression you make in the first 5 seconds combined with your first answer will either solidify you as a good choice or immediately remove you from consideration.

Assuming you make that first great impression and connection, how you end your interview will again, either solidify your candidacy or get your name scratched off the list.

It’s important to start well and end well to win the advantage. First and last can make a huge difference in interviewing success.


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