Are you Linked In?

Tony LoPinto of Korn Ferry believes “smart professionals are well-advised to get on the [Linked In] bandwagon.” I totally agree, of course.

Linked In isn’t about job search, it’s about networking. And networking is a key piece of savvy career management to ensure you don’t end up unemployed and in a protracted hunt for your next position. It’s not enough to just be a placeholder on Linked In. Your profile has to be complete, interesting, differentiated, value-oriented, findable, and well-branded!

What passed for your daddy’s boring, paper, corporate-speak bio is your savvy, first-person, always up-to-date profile on Linked In. It is accessible to those who are interested in you, your company, and its executive management team … whether or not they personally requested information or even knew about you before they found you on Linked In.

Here’s the bottom line.

Linked In is also the place recruiters go to connect with and seek out top-notch, passive Senior Finance Executive and CFO candidates. If you aren’t there, you won’t be found.

Go on the offensive today and suggest that your entire executive team move into the 21st Century and the Web 2.0 world. That way, you’ll show up long before you even begin thinking about making your next move!

Boring paper corporate bios = dinosaur.
Linked In profiles = networked, connected, and tech savvy.

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2 thoughts on “Are you Linked In?”

  1. Hi Cindy! You know I’m going to agree with this post. Just the other day I told a doubting a professional his lack of involvement on LinkedIn forces contacts to find him the old fashioned way. Every day that passes more people migrate to efficient methods of contact and information sharing. I gave him the example of libraries. Most people will go to something like Google when they want fast and current information on a subject. Those same people a decade ago needed to go to the library, dig through a card catalog and peruse a bunch of books. Much of what they found was dated and labor intensive to get to. That LinkedIn resistant professional is shunning a fluid and efficient system while clinging to the card catalog method of contact and is going to be left behind when fewer people have the time or interest in chasing people down that way.

    Hope you are doing well. I’ve missed popping by your blog in the chaos of a busy hiring season. What a relief to see things truly loosening up.


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