Finance Executives, Branded Visibility, and their Career

Two weeks ago in my Online ID re-cert class, I heard this astonishing statement … talented high school kids were not getting accepted into their college of choice because of the lack of a branded online ID.

One very smart FENG member recently connected the dots …

“I heard the NPR report on college admitting committees and wondered if there was applicability to us. They are receiving historically high numbers of perfectly qualified candidates, between whom it is hard to distinguish. According to the report, they make the biggest distinctions among them based on 1) distinctive or unusual backgrounds 2) passion for subject areas, business or personal, both covered or not covered in the program, just intellectual passion in general.”

If I might answer the opening statement. Yes! This is precisely about branded visibility. If you can’t stand out from the competition, then you will be lost among them. And if you look like every other Chief Financial Officer or Finance Executive, how will the company distinguish that you are the best qualified for the position?

Branded visibility. CFOs need it. And their high schoolers need it. Branding is no longer an option. To stand out from the competition, it’s now a necessity.

And it is branded visibility. you can be totally on-brand but if no one knows about you, will it matter?

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