What Recruiters Want

I’m just back from an amazing industry conference of Career Thought Leaders. There were some great presenters and some equally great conversations with non-presenters … and I learned from both!

For me, one of the most interesting presentations was by recruiter Wayne Mitchell. He had some great information on “recruiter thinking” that will help me help my CFOs as well as finance executives who are aiming for that CFO seat. Here are just a few of his great insights (his comments are in bold, my commentary follows) …

— Water cooler talk is a great way to find out the culture of the company.

Obviously, if you aren’t in the company you’re not able to participate in or observe “water cooler talk.” But there are ways to get in that dialogue …. Here’s a hint … Linked In is no longer optional.

— The foundation of any company is its values, and aligning those with the candidate’s values & vision is key in recruiting.

Which is why candidate branding is so effective. Branding takes the question of “culture fit” off the table before you walk in for the interview.

— A candidate’s values mean nothing unless they are values-in-action.

A candidate’s values are demonstrated through his purpose, passion, and priorities.

— Recruiters look for career progression and impact in resumes.

At the CFO level, technical skills are assumed. It’s about the ROI of the candidate … his ability to solve a company’s problems and leave it, measurably, better than he found it.

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