Thoughts from CFO Recruiters

Included in Deloitte’s recently published report on business partnering on are some thoughts from recruiters who work specifically with CFOs. Here’s the excerpt …

Headhunters spoke to us candidly about what they’re encountering in CFO searches when it comes to business partnering.

CFOs are not changing with the business fast enough

“Too many are setting the wrong priorities.“

There really is a ‘vision gap’

“A lot of CFOs are just too ‘GAAP-centric’” these days. They’re focused on operations and as a result they’re too cautious. This is a real challenge in organizations where the CFO should be participating in the strategic development of the company.”

Successful CFOs learn the whole business

“New CFOs are right to learn more about their peers, board- or C-level contacts, and others—but the great ones … go to the assembly line to understand how productivity works, for instance. It’s a different mindset.”

The basics are still important

Business leaders are looking for vision, but not at the expense of the deep knowledge that great finance leaders have always offered. “Business leaders are still looking for finance partners who can demonstrate their knowledge when it comes to accounting, IFRS, tax, cash management, financial reporting, and other parts of the business.”

One more linkDeloitte’s list of “8 things a CFO can do today” to begin a more effective dance.

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