SmartPhones, Finance, and CFOs

The Big Fat Finance blog recently had a post about finance and smartphones … and I think his point, bigger picture, is spot on!

I’m speaking at the Career Thought Leaders’ conference on Tuesday on Social Media trends … so I had these stats at the ready.

– 4x as many people have cellphones as personal computers
– 20% of households are now “mobile only”
– Americans send/receive twice as many texts as phone calls
– mobile marketing / advertising revenue is expected to exceed $3B in 2012
– customers read text messages 97% of the time

Additionally, the CEO of Google says mobile marketing is growing faster than “all” their predictions.

While mobile “marketing” is obviously different than “finance functionality” on your smartphone, it’s the trend that is telling. Technology development is moving at breakneck speed … consider the iPad. And then imagine the finance functions that are currently available on your iPad and computer being fully available on your always present smartphone. I believe that day is fast approaching.

Perhaps it’s a way to ensure you really do work 24 hours a day / 7 days a week! Or, that you truly can work from anywhere 24/7.

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1 thought on “SmartPhones, Finance, and CFOs”

  1. Working 24/7! Working from anywhere!

    The ability to work anywhere and anytime is not what a CFO needs.

    A CFO needs time to unplug. Time to think. Time to do something else. The best CFO is a a CFO with a fresh mind, who has the energy and mental agility to help companies make great decisions.

    I agree that better tools can help do a better job. I don’t agree that “Always on” is beneficial for the CFO, or the company they work for.

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