Dump Resolutions, Embrace Good Habits

The new year is in full swing and the job market remains as tough and competitive as ever. Whether you are anticipating a move in the next 9-18 months or blissfully believe your job is quite secure, here are 5 things you might want to begin doing today to ensure you, and not a disgruntled CEO or Board, are in control of your career.

1. Launch your career survival plan.

The latest statistic I’ve heard for average CFO tenure today is 26 months. If that number is true, it’s likely every one of you reading this post will be in either a proactive or reactive job search within the next two years. Trust me when I say, a proactive search is much more desirable!

2. Identify your “targeted” audience.

When you know your audience, you can build the target market piece into your career survival plan because you are crystal clear on who needs to know about you.

3. Raise your visibility.

One easy way is to begin creating a compelling digital footprint. Proactively managing your reputation positions you as both a subject matter expert and a high-value target. During December, my clients were seeing an uptick in the number of recruiter inquiries they were receiving, and the large majority are coming from their Linked In profiles.

4. Be prepared.

Don’t make the mistake of settling for mediocre positioning when, with some thoughtful planning, you could be viewed as a top-notch candidate. At the CFO level, a clear and compelling marketable value proposition (MVP) is critical for your success.

5. Network, consistently. Networking isn’t something you do when you need a job. Networking is something you do regularly, consistently, and proactively!

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