Creativity, Leadership Competencies, and CFOs

A recent study by IBM’s Institute for Business Value cites creativity as the most-valued leadership competency by CEOs. Our poll last week in SmartBrief for CFOs revealed that 50% of surveyed CFOs agreed with those study results. I’m not sure whether the 50% affirming or the 42% opposing was the bigger surprise. 

So I have some questions …

–If your company values creativity as a leadership competency, how do you identify/evaluate/measure it?

–What do you believe creativity brings to your leadership team?

–Do you believe companies who embrace creativity are the trailblazers for their respective industries?

–Would you go outside your industry to find these fresh thinkers?

–If you don’t buy into creativity as a high-value competency, why not?

–What do you believe are the top 2 or 3 leadership competencies you want to see in your  executive leadership team and those being groomed to move into those spots?

Would love to hear your thoughts …

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