20 is the New 2

During a coaching call this morning, my CFO client was bemoaning the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to deliver his message. He said he targets 2 minutes as the time to deliver his responses to interview questions, but finds himself getting cut off after completing one sentence.

20 has become the new 2. 

20 words vs. 2 minutes. Welcome to the new world of messaging courtesy of Twitter, texting, Blackberry, and iPhone

I can hear you now. I can also see your eyes rolling. It was evident in my client’s response, too. How can you possibly deliver your message in 20 words? 

Realistically, you can’t afford not to. If your responses are getting cut off, your message isn’t resonating. Conversely, if you deliver a crystal-clear 20-word hook that invites a follow-up question … SCORE!

20 is the new 2. You have to know the new rules if you expect to compete and win!

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4 thoughts on “20 is the New 2”

  1. Being succinct is definitely the name of the game. The 20 minute conversations still happen, but not unless both parties have zeroed in on a topic that justifies the time. Even though we are in the digital clock era, you can hear the hands of time click when trapped on the receiving end of a word purge.
    Even though it’s rude when people cut you off, be thankful. It’s a big clue you aren’t on the right path with who it is your trying to deliver a message to. How great to have a chance to shift gears versus unknowingly boring them for 20 minutes or more.

  2. I agree 100%
    Many business executives don’t have a clear definded message when it comes to helping someone understand their business.
    They are so bogged down in detail they loose sight of their top line messages.
    Whet the appetite for more and create a statement that leads to the next question YOU want to answer.

  3. You make an excellent point, Stephen. Getting bogged down in the details. And I’d add responsibilities. We always own those things we’ve done … but personal marketing documents and answers to interview questions are not the places to get mired in either too much detail or responsibilities.
    Thanks for reading and for posting!


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