Structure a 24/7 Career Survival Plan

It’s the start of a New Year and while some things may have changed, others remain the same. For the savvy finance executive, proactively managing his career will continue to be the goal … ramping it up will be the change.

Whether you are actively seeking a new position, anticipate moving within the next year, or you’ve just landed and are now beginning to focus on that next position, here are two things you should be doing for your career in 2010.

Digital Footprint … Particularly advantageous to the “employed, passive” candidate, a strong digital footprint helps you get on the radar screen of people who need to know about you … while increasing your credibility. Remember the new definition of networking is who needs to know about me. It is much easier to network when a job search, particularly a desperate job search, is not the focus of the conversation.

Google Alerts … Set up alerts on your name, your company, future company prospects, and industry key words. Google will deliver the latest news and information directly to your email box keeping you informed on what’s going on in your target market and what’s being said about you. There are things being said about you, right?

By the way, the finance executive who just landed that new CFO position … often has the laser focus of recruiters as a high-value target for their next search.

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