The Brown Paper Bag Syndrome

So here’s my question. It’s Monday morning and you are jazzed about the great networking opportunities that await you. You’re dressed to the nines, get out of your car, walk to the door …

Are you going to slip a brown paper bag over your head before you walk into the room?

Sounds like a silly, even stupid, question .. right? But now let me ask you this, do you have a professional picture on all of your social media sites? If not, I’m very curious … why not? Isn’t not having a photo akin to networking with a paper bag over your head? Do you like putting a face with a name, or doesn’t it matter to you? 

And here’s my final question. If you don’t have  a picture, are you networking or are you simply place holding?

With the critical part that a visible online presence plays in managing your career, a compelling profile and professional photograph are two very key components!

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