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I just finished reading Neal Lockhart’s article on recruiting top performers posted at You’all know I love getting into the minds of recruiters … it helps me help my clients. 

Lockhart talks about recruiting pearls, the prized candidates. You know who they are, right … someone who is highly esteemed or valued, and the most sought after. Wikipedia says, “the word pearl has become a metaphor for something very rare, very fine, very admirable, and very valuable."

Prized candidates are not commodities … after all, there is only one pearl per oyster shell. In the game of top talent, there is little competition at the top and each of those candidates has, and can articulate, a clear and compelling value proposition.

So, read the article or not … but here’s a quick take-away. Three questions you should ask a recruiter when he calls you about potential opportunities. 

– Why should I listen to you?

– Why should I be interested in the opportunity?

– Why would I want to work there?

Are you the “pearl” recruiters are competing for … and are you making it easy for them to find you? 

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2 thoughts on “Recruiting Top Talent”

  1. Cindy,
    I really like reading your take on recruiters and recruiting. Your views are refreshing and insightful. In addition to the questions you pose in the article,I would advise your clients to ask the following:
    -What advantage would this company and job opportunity bring to my career?
    This question will prompt the recruiter to discuss your career goals versus the position, not the recruiter’s goals to get you into the position. There are recruiters who are desperate to fill positions and your clients need to be able to determine who they are.
    -What is the company’s view on human capital?
    The everyday employees are a company’s competitive advantage. How a company treats its employees has a direct impact on its future growth and profitability. A company with high turnover or underutilized talent has more significant problems.
    Thanks for a great article Cindy


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