It’s a Little Hard to be Taken Seriously When …

I was reading the link from a tweet this morning regarding SEO for your blog. The author had some interesting information, but, he is a web designer apparently using  a free blog service that was plastered with ads. It’s a little difficult for me to take the guy, or his expertise, seriously. So much so, I can’t even bring myself to provide the link.

Along with those who profess to be experts, yet use free web and blog services allowing advertising, here are some other situations that make it difficult for me to take others seriously.

Tweeps who have no tweets, no bio, and no name recognition.

It’s great to jump into social media with both feet, however, zeal without knowledge can be a brand killer. I also haven’t figured out why anyone who is using Twitter externally would protect their tweets. Maybe someone who’s reading this could explain it to me. And, seriously, I don’t understand.

An incomplete Linked In Profile

Those who choose to have only the most basic of information on Linked In send a couple of messages (at least to me). They don’t really “get” networking, especially social networking; they don’t care about their career; and they aren’t subject matter experts. 

At the other extreme is the poorly-crafted profile filled with sentences that all begin with “I”. Seriously, that is a little too self-promoting. And unbelievable.

Boring resumes and cover letters that shriek C-O-M-M-O-D-I-T-Y

A company isn’t hiring a CFO because they have a corner office with a nice view, currently unoccupied, and they are looking for a body to fill it. Nor are they hiring a person who brings chronology of responsibilities. Rather, a company who is in pain IS hiring the candidate who can take away that pain … and it better show up in your marketing documents if you want to be taken seriously. 

And read your cover letter for the “I” factor. If every sentence begins with “I,” you might have a serious credibility problem.

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3 thoughts on “It’s a Little Hard to be Taken Seriously When …”

  1. Excellent post!
    I particularly love your points about the “I” factor and addressing a company’s “pain” in your pitch. Couldn’t agree more.
    Ha, you’ve given me a good kick in the pants too. I need to move my blog from Blogspot. I bought my URL name months ago and have a computer engineer for a husband. I don’t think my site has ads (which I agree are tacky), but I might as well take it up a notch in the credibility department. Image does matter and you are right to point it out.


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