CFO Asked to Resign

So says the headline. Which begs the question, “does this CFO have a potential branding and/or credibility challenge”? If you Google his name, the only post that is conclusively “this” CFO is the one that leads with the headline: “Broward’s CFO asked to resign.” There is nothing positive to counter the very big negative.

There is a saying that goes something like this, “you are who Google says you are.” Which begs this question … “who does Google say you are?”

If you are a senior finance executive / CFO who has resisted jumping into the Web 2.0 arena, today is not too soon to begin. Visibility and credibility are key elements to effective career management. 

If, indeed, Google now defines us … and to strangers we want to meet, it does … then it is time for you to begin scripting that definition. 

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