Raise EBITDA … Raise Salary

There is a must-read article on CFO.com regarding a recent survey done by FEI on finance executive salary.

It is important for CFOs and future CFOs to recognize how their performance will be measured as it relates to salary; and then, have a clear and compelling marketable value proposition (MVP) around those contributions. 

Would you rather be in the group of finance executives whose salaries remain flat … or, the group who wins both a raise and a bonus?

If it is the latter, what do you need to be doing TODAY to ensure you are well-positioned for that outcome?

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1 thought on “Raise EBITDA … Raise Salary”

  1. With EBITDA being a short-cut to determine free cash flow, this would be one of the most critical areas to measure CFO performance. We just need to make sure long-term value and perspective and not lost on short term EBITDA numbers.


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