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High-Impact Personal Branding

What is the single most important weapon in your marketing arsenal – both for your individual long-term career success and the success of your organization?

Your personal brand! A clearly-defined, visible brand will position you far beyond the competition whether you are an executive representing yourself in a job search or representing your company in a competitive marketplace.

Executives, leverage your market differentiation and position yourself as an in-demand asset in the marketplace.

A brand is a value-packed positioning statement that leaves no doubt about who you are and how you uniquely deliver what you do. While marketing documents with a strong value proposition get you noticed and even win the interview, your brand – why what you do is successful – is what wins the position … because it is directly related to chemistry and fit.

When you team with America’s leading career and personal brand strategist for senior finance executives, you will:

  • Clearly understand your own value in the marketplace;
  • Have the power and practical tools to shape how people perceive you;
  • Design a cohesive communication strategy to reinforce your brand every day;
  • Learn how to leverage your brand to outperform the competition; and
  • Attract and gain visibility with the right audience – your target market.

ROI: Employers will have a compelling reason to seek you out as a value-add to their organization.

Gain clarity about how you are perceived in the marketplace.

Using a proven 360-degree assessment conducted by a neutral third party, data can be collected confidentially from a cross-section of people – internal peers, subordinates, and bosses and external colleagues, customers, and friends. As Cindy coaches you through analyzing and leveraging this critical information, you will:

  • Understand how you are perceived by others in your circle of influence
  • Learn to leverage your strengths to gain a competitive advantage
  • Develop a plan to minimize any potential weaknesses

Build A Visible Online Presence

Today it is not just about who you know, it is more about who knows you. As a passive job seeker – and it is a good strategy to always be in passive job seeking mode – you can constantly have opportunities coming your way with a strong, visible brand.

Think about it this way. Your record of contributions is unmatched within the company. However, no one outside the company knows what you’ve done. From a career positioning perspective then, does it really matter?

Current recruiting mentality says that the candidate who is most in demand, probably the most marketable, and certainly the most pursued … is the passive candidate. He does not need a job and is not actively looking … but is quite savvy and recognizes that good opportunities most often come through networking.

A visible online presence ensures that the people who need to know about you … can find you! And what they find validates you as a candidate worth pursuing.

Find out how you can create a lasting impression with your target market – the powerful impression you want to have!

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