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You can outperform the competition by understanding your marketability and clearly articulating your value to win positioning as the clear and compelling choice.

Winning the job you want and deserve is no accident. Any kind of career or job transition requires a creative, well-thought-out plan that leverages your strengths, gets you noticed, and is flawlessly executed.

Coaching with Career and Personal Brand Strategist Cindy Kraft will prepare you to outperform the competition.

Positioning for Passive Candidates

A passive candidate is defined as top-notch talent who is currently employed but always open to hearing about opportunities. These candidates are the ones who offer the greatest marketable value proposition (MVP) and are highly sought by recruiters today.

The perpetual motion strategy recognizes that a solid 3 to 5-year plan gives you control over your career with proactive rather than reactive positioning.

  • Develop and leverage a clear brand and ROI value proposition
  • Create a visible online presence to ensure the people who need to know about you … know about you
  • Secure the best job opportunities aligned with your passion, values, and strengths
  • Gain understanding around the value of networking before you need networking

She uses a real world, no-nonsense, data-driven approach and moves forward at the client’s pace. Well worth the investment!” – Susan

Job Search Strategizing

  • Leverage multiple cutting-edge strategies to fast-track your job search and stand out from the competition
  • Learn how to avoid the Top 10 Job Finding Mistakes
  • Discover sure techniques to position yourself among the 20% of candidates who get an interview rather than in the 80% screened out at the paper level

She does a good job of helping individuals lay out a plan not only to connect with others when they are in a job search, but to maintain those networking activities for the future. Cindy is very responsive and is always prepared to answer questions when needed.” – Patrick


  • Learn how to answer any interview question with confidence
  • Employ techniques to turn an interrogation into a conversation
  • Manage the interview close and follow-up to position yourself as the candidate of distinction

Your resume assistance and interviewing techniques definitely helped in my process [landing a CFO position]” – Doug

Salary Negotiations

  • Position yourself as a must-have asset in the minds of employers
  • Create a win-win value proposition for the company
  • Negotiate the salary and compensation you are worth

I just got an offer that will at least double my income.” – Jim


It’s not about what you did, it’s about why you were successful and how you delivered!

How you do (measurable impact) often gets you the interview. Why you do it (brand), is the chemistry piece that aligns with a company’s culture. The “why” is important because it speaks directly to the essence of you are while validating your marketable value proposition. Branding delivers clarity around passion, purpose, personality, and value, making powerful mental connections between your successes and why they were successful.

Because personal branding is trending upwards, savvy employers (also on the rise) expect candidates to articulate branded value propositions which show how you do what you do.

Great hiring decisions are made on two fronts – first and foremost, the ability to do the job (what); and from among the candidates who can do the job, the one who will best fit into the corporate culture (how).

Thank you so much! You havemade an enormous difference in my life.” – Linda


  • Discover your life and spiritual gifts, values, passion, and unique personality
  • Identify your God-given purpose and create a plan to use it to make a difference
  • Find meaning, happiness, and fulfillment in your work
  • Explore how you have been called to serve where you are in life

If you are ready to move to the next level, find out how partnering with Coach Cindy can help you achieve success!

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