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Every career is as unique as the person in it. We offer a variety of high-impact services to fit exactly what you need to outperform the competition.

Choose from the three programs below to design a customized portfolio of services that will meet your individual needs and give you a powerful competitive advantage in your marketing and positioning.

Essential Repackaging & Repositioning

Nothing gives you the competitive edge like a powerfully-crafted marketing documents that convey a strong value proposition. This package is an intensive 6 to 8-week partnership that includes six coaching / strategizing sessions and culminates with the following deliverables…

  • Executive Resume with a clear ROI;
  • Two (2) Letters of Introduction;
  • Executive Profile for business networking sites; and
  • Leadership Brief highlighting case studies around critical leadership initiatives (if appropriate)

(For customized package pricing based on your specific needs, call Cindy at 888-221-0441)

Branding delivers clarity around passion, purpose, personality, and value, making powerful mental connections between your successes and why they were successful. The “why” is important because it speaks directly to the essence of you are while validating your marketable value proposition.

Because personal branding is trending upwards, savvy employers (also on the rise) expect candidates to articulate branded value propositions which show how you do what you do.

Great hiring decisions are made on two fronts – first and foremost, the ability to do the job. This is reflected through a verifiable record of bottom line and strategic contributions.

From among the candidates who are qualified, the one who will best fit into the corporate culture will win the position. A strong personal brand conveys chemistry and fit.

Choose the branding package that best meets your needs …

Executive Branding

An intensive 4 to 5-month program that includes nine coaching / strategizing sessions and…

  • 360-Degree assessment
  • DISC Executive assessment;
  • Branded Executive Resume, Brand Statement, and Branded Bio;
  • Two (2) customizable marketing Letters of Introduction;
  • Leadership Brief highlighting case studies;
  • Goals Workbook;
  • Career Distinction book;
  • Reach Branding Club Workbook and Web-based Learning Modules; and
  • One Year Membership in the Reach Branding Club so you can have ongoing support in strengthening your brand.

(For customized package pricing based on your specific needs, call Cindy at 888-221-0441)

CFO Branding

Designed specifically for the senior-level Chief Financial Officer who wants to leverage his personal brand to win market differentiation. This package includes all of the deliverables of the Executive Branding package and…

  • Discover Your Strengths book and assessment;
  • 3-month membership in a network management system; and
  • Unlimited coaching over a 9-month period.

(For customized package pricing based on your specific needs, call Cindy at 888-221-0441)

Partnering with Cindy will position you to outperform the competition and fast-track your job search to win the job you want!

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