What’s in Your Signature Block?

An easy – and often overlooked – opportunity to extend your digital footprint occurs every time you send out an email. What’s in your signature line and what does it say about you?

Here are some suggestions for building a signature block with punch.

–Full Name. Sounds like a no-brainer, right? If there is any chance your email will be forwarded, make sure your full name appears. The person reading your original email might know you by only your first name, but the next person might not.

–Contact Information. 

Phone number. Preferably cell so you have control over who answers it and what the message says. If you are using a work number, including your personal cell phone number as well so people can still contact you after you leave your current position.

Email address. Professional and personal (non-business) so it follows you regardless of where you’re working.

–Branding Statement. What is compelling and unique about you that can be delivered in a Tweet (140 characters)? You might be a CFO, but so are many others. How you are different is much more interesting and memorable.

Linked In Profile. A complete and branded profile on Linked In is your portable resume. It goes everywhere your email goes and makes it easy for people to click and see who you are. 

Don't let your emails leave home without these basic components.

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