Navigating Through Gatekeepers

Since my client’s coaching session yesterday was focused around getting past gatekeepers, the article at today was very timely.

Gregory Pankow, Candidate Development Project Manager at RW Stearns, Inc. wrote an insightful article and provided an extensive Guide to Using Voicemail to Circumvent Gatekeepers as a downloadable file.

While this is written for the recruiter audience, it can also benefit the job seeker. Since the potential to thoroughly ruin your chances does exist when you try to beat the system, use these strategies discriminately. It is ALWAYS most beneficial to try networking your way in the door first, befriending the gatekeeper second, and employing stealth tactics as a last resort!

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4 thoughts on “Navigating Through Gatekeepers”

  1. Thanks Cindy,
    For the link to the article about gatekeepers – and for the PDF. Providing links to cool phone tricks and strategies like Gregory Pankow’s article are so appreciated – because there is no way I’d find them, otherwise.

  2. There is a reason to some times go to the gatekeeper, or at least be fine if you end up with them.
    Since we teach Internet tips and strategies, we often chat with the gatekeeper about some challenge they face in finding information. We might say, “That’s OK if your boss is not in, I’d rather talk to you – because you do most of the real work, anyway.”
    Since the gatekeeper is always at their computer we might show them a quick search trick that makes them say, “Wow, I never knew that!” We then talk a bit about how much such skills can mean to their company’s productivity.
    What happens is that we often gain an advocate – and that person then “represents” us to the decision maker.
    I’m wondering if you find the same approach works some times.
    Yes, sometimes the decision makers hire us to teach their administrative folks, not their executives. But, hey, they hire us.


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