How Long Will Your Job Search Take?

Well, that depends! The average time according to Mary Ann Milbourn in a recent OC Register post, even in this crazy economy, is about four months. My sense is that it can take much, much longer. However, a branded marketable value proposition (MVP) and a solid search strategy (whether or not you are currently unemployed) can significantly shorten your search time. 

Google Alerts keep me informed of news on CFOs, Chief Financial Officers, and Financial Executives every day, and I can tell you that there are folks leaving and folks being hired. The need is still there!

John Challenger of Challenger, Gray, and Christmas is quoted in Milbourn's post, "Job hunt may not take as long as you think," as saying, “Those who merely sit on the Internet all day, surfing job boards, are missing 80% of the job openings.” 

If that is your primary search strategy, you could be sitting for quite a long time. 

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2 thoughts on “How Long Will Your Job Search Take?”

  1. Thanks for your comment, and some of my readers may appreciate the link. I am not a fan of job board postings, wherever they come from, and particularly not for my executive market. Much like the lottery, it’s costly (in time) and there are very few winners.
    I believe there are other, much more effective job search strategies that generate a much higher ROI. Just my perspective. Appreciate you taking time to ready and post, GL.
    Cindy Kraft, the CFO-Coach


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