No Blogging Allowed

Another great question from the AFP conference …

How can I build visibility if my company has a policy against personal and/or corporate blogs?

Unfortunately this is a roadblock many people face. Obviously, attempting to get the policy changed is one approach. Since corporate visibility and credibility also boost your individual visibility and credibility, corporate blogging is really a win/win. A legitimate argument for corporate blogging might include what the competition is doing, or not doing, as a way for your organization to get onboard the Web 2.0 phenomenon.

If there isn’t a corporate policy against writing and publishing articles, especially for industry–related websites, trade journals, and magazines, that can be a great back–up plan for increasing online visibility by including a link back to your Linked In profile.

Failing those two strategies, think about visible leadership roles you might assume and then create press around the benefits of what you’re doing. These leadership roles might include presenting at conferences, chairing the local chapter of an organization, or even holding an officer position in a national organization.

The inability to raise visibility through publishing or pontificating increases the importance of a professional, branded presence on Linked In, Facebook, Zoom Info, and Ziggs.


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2 thoughts on “No Blogging Allowed”

  1. The tides are changing as companies figure out that search engines are the number 1 acquisition source for business. As well, companies like ours that offer administrative control so employees do have some constraints, are alive and growing. The economic situation has strengthened our company and we continue to grow. Why? Money! If relevant content drives search results and search results drive conversions and conversions drive the bottom line of the business – blogging will not only be allowed, but it will be encouraged by corporations. Those who do not blog are losing the battle… already!


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