Are You Selling What They’re Buying?'s article, "Survival in the Age of Risk," talks about managing risk, of course. But it also talks about what's marketable in today's CFO's:

"We've seen the nature of the CFO profile move," said Lukens. "In the late 1990s and early 2000s, CFOs tended to be deal makers. Today, CFOs tend to be more focused on strategy, innovation, and performance management. They need to build organizations that are flexible enough to deal with business model changes and innovation."

Is your message selling what your target market is buying?

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  1. I’m the Recruitment Sales Mgr for Cumulus Media in the Killeen/Ft Hood Texas Market. We have seen a significant increase in satisfied clients who are using radio as a means for recruiting. This has been especially sucesseful for out of state clients trying to reach transitioning military.


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