Dependency of a Newborn

I’ve been AWOL over the past weeks as I practiced and perfected my grandmothering skills with my very first grandbaby – a beautiful, healthy, and happy girl. It’s been great fun and absolutely exhausting! It feels good to be back to my old normal life again … and great to be connecting with my readers again.

One thing I noticed over the past few weeks is the similarity between the total dependency of a newborn and the employed (and even unemployed). Much like a newborn relies completely on her trusted adults for care and provision, MOST of working America depends on others for his job or next job. The company to retain them (corporate loyalty has been replaced by bottom line profits), a nice boss who likes them, recruiters to find them jobs (not the way they work), a network (if they have one) to find them a job when they are unemployed, and on and on. I’m finishing up an article on this … email me if you would like a copy when it’s completed.

Today’s Bizjournal says CEO confidence has dipped again in June, including confidence around employment. Execunet says demand for senior-level talent is likely to increase during the second half of 2008. I guess the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Regardless of where the truth lies, being in control of your career rather than giving control to others, is key to landing the job you want at the salary you deserve. My question is … are you depending on someone else for your next career move or are you embracing the self-employed mindset with a clear strategy and plan for execution?

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