Fordyce Letter Wisdom

Words of wisdom in Recruiting and Assessing Wisely are aimed at recruiters, but they are also applicable to candidates …

“With the explosion of new resources such as social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, and other innovative techniques, the challenge now isn’t just finding the good candidates, but also making sure they interview well and have nothing in their background that can undermine them.”

Can you be found and are you an A–player?
It’s not about what you did, but how you contributed.

Are you prepared to show how you can do the job?
How will your expertise and record of accomplishment solve a potential company’s challenges?

Do you know what Google is saying about you?
Is it consistent? Credible? Not showing up in Google can be lethal. If you don’t show up, do you exist?

The reality is that senior-level finance executive tenure is an average of three years. Being a passive candidate (employed but open to hearing about opportunities), well-positioned with a strong value proposition, and visible to the right target market means you are in the driver's seat for managing your career. 

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