References: New passive candidate leads

If you think your references are stellar, there’s a good chance recruiters and hiring managers will too. So good in fact, they may actually be a better fit for open positions then you.

WARNING: Providing references too early in the job search process – even when you are asked – could be akin to shooting yourself in the foot.

A funny, and insightful, read is an article written by Matthew Charney entitled “21 Definitions: A Candidate’s Guide to Recruiter–Speak.” Perhaps some of the humor can be attributed to the fact that Charney works for the Disney Company … or perhaps Disney's brand is being exuded by Charney!

After you finish reading the article, reality will set in as you recognize the all–to–familiar words rolling around in your head. You have no doubt heard many of them if you have been involved in any kind of career transition within the last few years.

Now though, with this guide, you know what they [recruiters, HR, hiring managers, decision–makers] are really saying. Take back the power! Two really can play this game.

On behalf of job search candidates everywhere … thank you, Matthew!

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